Electrical Services in Cedar Park

Because electricity is invisible, it can be a dangerous force, and homeowners should never take it lightly. Being able to rely on professionals for Electrical services is critical for your safety. Conquest Electrical Contracting, LLC takes great pride in helping our customers with an array of services, from new installations to repairs. The residents of Cedar Park, TX know they can rely on us for all their electrical needs.

Lighting Services

Most homes have many light sources that can become problematic. From frayed wiring to outdated components, lighting fixtures are often the first part of the home to show signs of problems. When issues arise, our professional Lighting Repair helps give homeowners peace of mind in knowing their lighting fixtures are safe for operation.

We install ceiling fans, new fixtures, and outdoor lighting. If you are remodelling or adding an addition, we should be one of the first professionals homeowners call. With prompt and courteous service and upfront pricing, homeowners will have their needs met quickly.

Wiring Upgrades

Homes that are twenty years or older likely have outdated wiring. As modern-day appliances and electronics demand more electricity, wiring needs to be upgraded. Older wiring can become brittle and break down. Eventually, damage can happen that could lead to fire risks.

We offer wiring upgrades to make your home safer and more efficient. Are you tired of constant breaker trips and blown fuses? Call us today to schedule an appointment to learn more.

New Installations

Building a new home is exciting. A big part of the process involves wiring the home for electricity. Our certified electricians will wire your entire home, setting up all the components. We keep homeowners informed throughout the project.

Conquest Electrical Contracting, LLC can also help our customers with recent additions or remodelling projects. With a full guarantee and expert services, homeowners in Cedar Park, TX will feel confident in knowing their electrical system is safe.

Panel Repairs & Replacement

The electrical panel of your home is critical for the normal operation of all electrical components. Just like other parts of an electrical system, the panel can become damaged or need an upgrade.

If your old panel has damage, call us right away. With an upgrade to a new panel, your home’s electrical system will work better and there will be fewer problems with electricity delivery.

Call today to learn more about our Panel Services. Our certified technicians are standing by to provide prompt services when our customers need them most.

Electrical Repairs

Although it may be tempting for homeowners to take the matter into their own hands, electrical repairs require a certified electrician. Attempting any DIY repairs should be strictly avoided.

Relying on experts ensures proper diagnostics and repairs. We treat our customers like family, and their safety is our number one concern. If your lights are flickering, or frequent breaker trips are a problem, call us right away to schedule a repair appointment.

We handle many electrical repairs, including light fixtures, outlets, switches, wiring, panels, and more. Why put the safety of your family in the hands of anyone else? When is the last time your electrical components were inspected? If it has been too long to remember, now is the time to schedule.


Before purchasing a home, one of the first things buyers should do is have the electrical system inspected. Electricians should inspect your home every three to five years. During these inspections, we can discover minor damage before it puts you and your family in danger.

Call Us for All Your Electrical Needs

We handle an array of electrical services to ensure residents of Cedar Park, TX have safe electric systems in their homes. In times of emergencies, we are poised to help take care of the dangers and get your electricity back up and running as quickly as possible.

No job is too big or too small. Our trucks are equipped with all the equipment and tools necessary for completing your electrical work promptly. Call us right away to schedule your appointment. Conquest Electrical Contracting, LLC is committed to providing our customers with the extensive electrical services they need for their homes. We take care of the entire Cedar Park, TX area, and surrounding communities.