Austin, TX Electrical Outlet Installation Services

Homes depend on electricity for just about everything, every day. From watching TV, turning on the lights and running the refrigerator, families everywhere depend on electricity to conduct their daily functions. Nevertheless, it is quite pointless to have power without outlets.

Broken outlets or outlets that don’t give enough capacity to an apparatus are disappointing and can even be perilous. Be sure to use the services of a professional electrician to do any outlet repairs or upgrades.

What’s New with Electrical Outlet Installation?

Even newer homes can benefit from upgrades to their electrical outlets. If your outlets are the standard two-prong models, you might be interested in upgrading to GFCI, USB, and/or smart outlets throughout your home. Get inspired for your next electrical outlet job by learning more about various types of outlets below.

Switched Outlets

This type of outlet usually has one port with a switch attached to the other port. This switch has the capability to allow or block the flow of electricity coming from the outlet. This eliminates the need for unplugging the device. Just simply switch the outlet on or off.

GFCI Outlets

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets are designed to prevent the flow of electricity any time a short circuit or ground fault is detected. It particularly protects against water electrocutions which is why it is required in kitchens and bathrooms or anywhere near water. You can tell an outlet is a GFCI model by the two buttons that enable you to reset it after it’s been tripped. If these outlets are not installed within six feet of water sources in your older home, a professional can install them to help keep your family safe from shocks.

AFCI Outlets

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter AFCI outlets have been standard equipment in newly constructed homes since 1999, but older homes may not have them. Homes built from 1999 onwards have AFCI outlets installed at the breaker box to keep electricity from arcing, or jumping, from one wire to another, which is a common cause of house fires. A professional electrician can install AFCI outlets in an older home, and would do so either at the breaker box, or right at the beginning of each circuit so the whole line is protected.

20A Outlets

Certain devices need a larger amount of power than the usual outlet can supply. The 20A outlets found in kitchens and laundry rooms supply enough electricity for appliances that require more power. This type of outlets appear the same as the basic outlet and the only difference is their having a small slit.

If a device needs more power to run or breakers trip on a regular basis, an electrician can help you upgrade to 20A styles and make your device run at its full potential.

USB Outlets

Modern electronic devices can be powered with a USB cord attached to an adapter plugged into a wall outlet. Some outlet styles are available in the market these days that integrate USB ports into the outlet. You can find a USB outlet with no regular ports and some with two regular ports. Whatever type of electrical outlet you need, a professional can come and safely install it in your home.

Smart Outlets

If you use a smart outlet, you can use an app or even voice-controlled speaker to manage the plugged-in device. This makes it easy for homeowners to remotely use their devices and set daily schedules for its use.

When you are not at home, lights can turn on and off automatically which can deter any theft and make it look like someone is at home. Some homeowners prefer outlets that can be programmed on a certain schedule to help control their energy use and electric bills. The smart outlets will have a higher cost than the basic ones but their features make up for the high cost.

Broken outlets and the ones with burn marks need to be examined by an expert electrician. People who are unfamiliar with their home’s wire system can cause more harm than good. To maintain a strategic distance from any superfluous hazard, consistently call your electrician for help with any electrical outlet work you require.