Electrical Panel in Austin, TX

A home’s Electrical service panel is where the main power line from the bigger grid comes into a home. That electricity is then sent through the home by way of the electrical system to provide power for appliances, plugs, and lights. The home’s electrical panel includes circuit breakers, which have the role of preventing power surges from causing damage to appliances and gadgets.

However, if a home has an electrical service panel that is malfunctioning, faulty, old, or that will not fulfill its functions properly, it is time to call the professionals for help. It may be time to invest in Electrical Service for the panel in a home. In fact, if issues present are not addressed, there is the risk of electronics in a home being destroyed, a blackout occurring, electrical fires, or even electrocution.

To avoid these types of risks, it is important to watch out for potential warnings signs that it is time to invest in Electrical Panel repairs or replacement. Some key signs that it may be time for a Panel Upgrade or repairs can be found below.

The Home’s Circuit Breakers Trip Often

As the electric panel begins to deteriorate and wear out, it will become more and more susceptible to issues because of power surges. This can result in situations where circuits disconnect from time to time. Another common reason that the home’s circuit breakers could trip is that the electrical demands of the home exceed the panel’s total capacity.

If someone finds that they have to constantly reset the breakers a few times per week when this did not have to be done before, it is a good time to invest in a home electrical safety check. It may also be time to have the panel replaced or repaired.

The Panel’s Breakers Will Not Rest

In the best situation, resetting a home’s circuit breaker after it trips should be relatively easy and solve the issue. However, if the breaker will not reset long enough for someone to resume the activities, or if the resetting does not restore the power that has been turned off, it may be because the electrical panel is faulty. It is a good idea to have it inspected right away. This will ensure the problem does not escalate even more.

Indications of an Electrical Fire or Spark in the Panel

As things begin to wear out and deteriorate, which includes the wires inside of an electrical panel, serious issues may occur. When wires are exposed, they can start to burn out. However, many homeowners do not notice this unless they spend a lot of time looking at the panel.

While this is true, there are some tell-tale signs to look for. For example, is there a strong odor coming from the electrical panel? Are there burn or char marks near the circuit breakers? If there are any of these signs or symptoms, it is time to have someone look at the system and make repairs or replace it completely.

An Older Fuse Box Is Being Used

If a person lives in an older house that has an electrical system that has not been upgraded, and a fuse box is still being used rather than a modern electrical panel, it is essential to replace it right away.

The circuit will be compromised if there are several outlets that are connected to just one set of wires that is operated by a single fuse or one circuit. The more modern panels and systems will improve overall home electrical safety by tripping and then disconnecting the transmission of power if the connecting line is overloaded and there is a risk of it burning or getting too hot. Some of the circuits in an older system will not even trip. This is true even if they become overloaded. This creates a very risky situation, and one that should not be ignored.

Finding the Right Electrician

When it comes to home electrical issues, there are many factors to consider. First of all, find someone with experience with the problem that is being dealt with. It is also essential to think about the experience and training that the electrician has. This is going to ensure they can handle the work that needs to be done.

By handling electrical problems at the first sign of an issue, a homeowner can feel confident that the issue will not get worse. Keep this in mind and make sure to contact the right professional as soon as possible once a problem is detected.