Storm Damage in Austin, TX

Recovering from storm damage is serious business. Unfortunately, getting back up and running after a storm is only part of the problem. Even more difficult is finding people to deal with the repairs that need to be made, including a qualified and experienced electrician. It doesn’t matter whether it’s something significant, such as downed or damaged lines, or something simple like a blown fuse. Finding someone you trust and who is willing to work as soon after a call as possible isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it’s a complete pain.

Many homeowners don’t understand that Electrical service can be some of the most high-stakes, skill-intensive maintenance work that can ever be done to a home. When it comes right down to it, an electrical job done badly can make your home very unsafe. By contrast, electrical work that is well done can make a home run safely for many years. This is why it is so important that whenever electrical work is done on a home, it should be done by someone highly qualified and experienced at doing this type of work on a residence. And, if that work is done as a result of storm damage, it is even more important.

Conquest Electrical Services provides all their customers with the one thing that they are in pursuit of when selecting an electrician: peace of mind in a job well done. This is delivered from confidence and a sense of real trust that Conquest seeks to establish in every job done.

Every technician who works for Conquest is highly trained, insured, licensed, and exceptionally skilled. Further, all work done by Conquest is backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. When Conquest customers need an electrical installation, repairs, Panel Services, or maintenance, they know that with Conquest, all they need to do is make a phone call, and Conquest takes care of the rest.

Conquest Electrical Contracting LLC Services Provides the Best Installation, Repair, and Maintenance Anywhere

There probably isn’t anyone who doesn’t understand that it’s not as much about convenience as it is safe when it comes to electrical services. After all, everyone knows that it’s important to have everything that electrical service provides, but it’s not worth it if it’s not safe.

Conquest’s goal is to provide every homeowner with not only the best, most dependable electrical service, but every home is left safer than when Conquest arrived. That’s a promise that Conquest makes to every homeowner where a job is done.

Simply the Best

Conquest Electrical Services offers every electrical service available under the sun, from installation to repair, servicing, and replacement for every electrical need you could have. Not only that, but Conquest offers customer service that is second to none to everyone business is done with.

Conquest Electrical Services employs nothing but the most qualified and trustworthy electricians in the business. Each Conquest electrician has had their background checked and been drug tested where the law allows, and each was hired based on their knowledge, training, exceptional skill, and commitment to exemplary customer service. You could even think of our technicians as “mini Conquest Electrical Services” since each one of them encapsulates everything that the business stands for.

Electrical Services for New Homes

Any homeowner who has recently purchased a new home should be concerned about the electrical system’s quality in their home. At Conquest Electrical Services, we highly recommend that a new homeowner get an electrical inspection to make sure their wiring is safe, up to code, and suited to the needs of your family. Even if a home isn’t new, but is a remodel, the electrical system should be inspected to make sure it is suited to the home since even though it might look new, it can still be outdated and not up to code.

Even if a home is older, it could still use an electrical inspection since they were not built for today’s owners’ demands. Whether an older home needs an update of the entire system, lighting repair, or just a few more outlets in a different part of the structure, Conquest Electrical Services provides all the services to meet a homeowner’s needs.

On-Time and Within Budget

Conquest Electrical Services was built on the service provided and the guarantees offered for on-time and within budget service. When Conquest Electrical Services has an appointment with a homeowner, it’s a promise to be kept. That’s because Conquest Electrical Service is made up of professionals, and that’s the way professionals work. Conquest Electrical Services is unlike any other electrical service business a homeowner has ever worked with. This means that if a homeowner is not satisfied with any service aspect, Conquest will make it right. That’s an iron-clad guarantee.