Electrical Services in Spicewood

Do you know the electrical system in your home is one of the most critical? Many homeowners think little about their electricity until problems occur. When issues arise with any electrical component, homeowners must rely on certified electricians to ensure their repairs or installations are done most safely. DIY approaches only lead to the risks of serious injuries and fires. Residents of Spicewood, TX can count on us for their electrical needs.

Why Choose Us for Your Electrical Needs?

The electrical system of a home has many parts that keep it running smoothly so it can deliver electricity to each room. Our team works to provide the highest level of customer service. Conquest Electrical Contracting, LLC has been proudly serving the residents of Spicewood for over a decade, and we have built a loyal customer base that relies on our many Electrical service options.

Yes, you have many choices in electricians. Often, homeowners find it difficult to choose electricians because they are not aware of the company’s services or their reputation. We stand behind our work and have a proven performance record.

We Handle All Your Lighting Needs

Dealing with lighting problems can be a hassle, especially if you do not know where the issue lies. We offer extensive Lighting Repair services for many fixtures and switches. We can help install new lights in your kitchen, a ceiling fan in the bedroom, or repair that annoying light that keeps flickering in the hallway.

Although it may seem like a simple fix for lighting issues, this is not always the case. Some light fixture wiring becomes difficult to repair. With one false move, injuries and fire risks rise. Do not take the risks! Call us for safe repair and installation services.

Is Your Electric Panel Working Properly?

The most important component of any electrical system is the panel. When the panel works correctly, it moves electricity throughout the wiring and into different areas of the home. It also works to prevent major surges that can lead to fires. Signs of problems with an electric panel include the following.

  • A burning smell coming from the panel
  • Burned wiring or breakers
  • Melted wiring
  • Sparks or flames

If you see any of these, contact us right away. Never attempt to work on the electric panel without proper training, certification, and tools. Our Panel Services will safely take care of repairs, upgrades, or new installations.

Electrical Repairs

Even the best of electrical wiring systems can experience problems over the years. If a home’s wiring is outdated, older than twenty years, it needs a replacement.

We are the experts homeowners rely on for all their electrical repair needs. When problems arise, waiting too long to seek repairs can lead to serious dangers, including the risk of fires. Should you notice any of the following warning signs, it is time to call us.

Electricity is invisible, but it can undoubtedly be felt. If you are getting shocked when touching outlets or switches, seek repairs.

A buzzing sound should never be ignored because this can often mean there is an electrical problem. You may hear the buzzing around outlets, switches, or appliances.

Flickering lights are a hallmark signal there are problems with electrical overload. If your wiring is outdated, it may mean the electronics and appliances in your home are too demanding and require an upgrade.

Should you ever touch a light fixture and find it hot, call us immediately. This sign means there is a surge in the fixture and a potential fire risk. We urge our customers to never take repair matters into their own hands.

Outlets or switches that feel warm or are sparking need attention right away. The smallest of sparks inside an outlet or switch can lead to a massive house fire. Protect your family by calling us for repairs.

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Conquest Electrical Contracting, LLC proudly serves residents in Spicewood, TX and surrounding areas. We offer extensive electrical services homeowners have relied on for over a decade. We can take care of diagnostics, repairs, replacements, new installs, and upgrades. Call us today to schedule your appointment to get started on improving your home’s electrical system and making it safer.